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Support Subscriptions

Community support is at the heart of open source software: GitHub issues and discussions are places to inquire about features and bugs, and Stack Overflow can help with specific answers to specific questions. But community support depends on the right person seeing your message at the right time.

ecoAPM provides three tiers of commercial support to help you get the assistance you need in a timely fashion. All subscriptions cover all supported ecoAPM software.


An email support subscription provides access to a support-specific email address to send questions and problems to. Responses are typically sent by the next business day, guaranteed within 2 business days.


A live support subscription will (in addition to email support) give you access to a private channel in ecoAPM's Slack team to communicate more directly via chat. Initial response times are typically within a couple hours, guaranteed by the start of the next business day.


Dedicated support subscriptions include email and chat support, as well as the ability to set up video calls for a more "in-person" feel.

Since we're "dedicated" to helping you succeed, this tier also provides weekly check-in meetings to ensure that you and your team have everything you need with your performance goals.

Ad Hoc Live Support

If you're not ready to commit to a support subscription yet, ecoAPM also offers live support on an as-needed basis.

ecoAPM's standard contracting & consulting rate applies, with a 5 hour deposit paid up-front to reserve availability.


Email Live Dedicated Ad Hoc
Email address 🗸 🗸 🗸 (temporary)
Slack channel 🗸 🗸 (temporary)
Video calls 🗸 (temporary)
Weekly check-ins 🗸
Cost * $100 / month
$1,000 / year
$400 / month
$4,000 / year
$1,600 / month
$16,000 / year
$100 / hour
(5 hour deposit)

Reach out using the link below to get the support you need, when you need it!