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Education & Training

Performance Education

Software development teams have a lot they need to keep track of as they build and maintain their applications.

Performance is an important aspect of any software system, yet is often an afterthought unless something is actively causing problems.

We educate dev teams on modern performance practices, from both a proactive and remedial standpoint.

We like to take a language/framework-agnostic approach, as the biggest gains are often realized regardless of what specific technologies are being used, but are happy to tailor one or more sessions to meet the team where they're at.

Software Training

We also provide training and tutorials for all of our open source software. Learn the ins and outs from those who know the software best by getting in touch below!


ecoAPM have a wide variety of educational / training formats available, to help best fit the needs of your organization.


  • 30-60 minute tutorials
  • 3-4 hour sessions
  • Multi-day deep-dives
  • Ongoing weekly classes


  • On-Site (at your office)
  • Remote / Virtual (via video call)


Costs can vary significantly depending on format and class size.

Get in touch using the button below with some information on what you're looking for, and we'll work together to create a program that suits your needs!