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Contracting & Consulting

Working together with software development teams to build better, faster, more Earth-friendly software is the heart of ecoAPM's mission.


Looking for a software performance specialist to join your team and help make your apps faster?

We like to take an "embedded team member" approach to our contracting, as opposed to a completely separate solo effort. Improvements are most successful when they're made as part of the team's existing process.

If you're looking for broader assistance with your team's workflow, why not add some consulting into the mix as well?


Need a performance expert to help your existing team improve your software systems?

Consulting to us means working directly with teams to help them implement performance best practices, without directly modifying the code ourselves.

This includes:

  • pair/mob programming with team members
  • teaching and learning sessions
  • architecture and refactoring suggestions
  • process and practice improvements

We've found that this is the best way to "up-skill" your team: team members are still the ones actually performing the work, which allows them to absorb the process better.


Both contracting and consulting (or a mix of the two) are based on our standard rates. A 5 hour deposit is required to reserve availability.

Get the ball rolling by contacting us using the link below!