ecoAPM strives to provide competitive pricing for each of our services.

All of our software will always be free and open source, and so by working with ecoAPM, you are not only supporting a small business, but you're also supporting sustainably-built open source software.

Service Cost (USD$)
Contracting / Consulting
Open Source $100 / hour (5 hour deposit)
Proprietary $120 / hour (5 hour deposit)
Performance Audit Reports
Performance Overview Report $1,200
Detailed Analysis Report $4,800
Support Subscriptions
Email $100 / month , $1,000 / year
Live $400 / month , $4,000 / year
Dedicated $1,600 / month , $16,000 / year
Ad Hoc $100 / hour (5 hour deposit)
Education & Training (contact for more information)


ecoAPM has implemented a set of stacking 10% discounts for the following categories.

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