About ecoAPM

ecoAPM is an open source software company focused on the performance and energy efficiency of application systems. Through our OSS tools and professional services, we help make software running everywhere faster and more Earth-friendly.


ecoAPM the company was created in 2018 by its lead developer, Steve Desmond. But the idea behind ecoAPM the software had been in the works for several years prior.

"It was really a combination of two things," Steve recalls. "In my both my full-time employment and my subsequent consulting work, I was seeing software being released without fully understanding some of the performance implications of how that software was running."

"At the same time, I started noticing a pattern of Application Performance Monitoring products become more and more geared towards enterprise-sized companies, both in their feature set and their pricing model, leaving organizations without dedicated SRE teams in the dust."

"Even popular open source tools like Prometheus and the ELK stack (Elastic, LogStash, and Kibana) have always seemed too complex to be effectively used and maintained by the vast majority of software teams. These teams want something easy to install, easy to integrate into their systems, and easy to keep up-to-date. I saw this gap in the APM market, and the opportunity to fill it."

And thus, ecoAPM was born. It took a few years to bootstrap the funds for a dedicated development effort, but that time has arrived, and ecoAPM is now on its way to becoming a production-ready system.